Farcry 6 feed pelicans? (2024)

How do you keep up with the pelican in Far Cry 6?

You will need to feed Danilo the Pelican at multiple stops, then follow him to the destination via wingsuit, quadbike or jetski. Do NOT shoot the Pelican!

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Where is the pelican hunting spot Far Cry 6?

Feeding The Pelicans

Search for the Pelicans near the sea around the beach areas near the mark on the map. Wait until a pelican lands. Holster Dani's weapon. Approach the Pelican in the crouched position using stealth.

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What do you feed pelicans?

Pelicans are supposed to eat fresh, whole fish, with bones they can easily swallow and digest. Swallowing the bare bones of a fish could puncture their esophagus. Some piers have tubes that extend underwater so that the carcasses of filleted fish can be discarded out of reach of pelicans.

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What happens when you collect all the roosters in Far Cry 6?

In this Far Cry 6 guide, we're going to reveal all rooster locations. Collecting them all will unlock the Recrooster Trophy.

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How many secret endings are there in Far Cry 6?

While there is more than one ending in Far Cry 6, the game is certainly not a typical RPG. In total, there are only two different endings in Far Cry 6.

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Can you save the kid in Far Cry 6?

Diego Castillo Can Survive Far Cry 6, But He Can't Be Saved

Diego only meets his untimely death in Far Cry 6's true ending due to Anton's desire to free him from the consequences of the rebels' victory.

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Where is Hurk in Far Cry 6?

Hurk does not appear in Far Cry 6, which makes it the first game since Hurk's first appearance in Far Cry 3 where he does not appear (if not counting Far Cry Primal). However, he sends Boomer to Yara along with a letter where he tells Boomer wasn't safe anymore in Hope County.

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Where do you build the hunting lodge in Far Cry 6?

The Hunting Lodge can be constructed at one of the three base camps across Yara in Madrugada, Valle de Oro, and El Este. You'll need medicine and metal to build this facility upgrade at the Construction Desk.

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Where is angelito Far Cry 6?

You will find this Guerrilla Hideout in the La Joya district of El Este, southwest of Pequeña Bay and La Joya Port. The Angelito FW Turbo is parked alongside a short airstrip just east of the Hideout. This provides a great place to practice takeoffs and landings.

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What time is pelican feeding at the entrance?

At 3:30pm they start feeding the pelicans. All the 50 minutes we spend there we learned a few things about Pelicans and extra infos about the animal life in the area.

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Is feeding pelicans illegal?

Feeding seabirds causes them to congregate in areas where they are more likely to get hooked or tangled in fishing line. Feeding pelicans is prohibited by law (F.A.C.

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Can a pelican eat a duck?

These birds are only known to eat seagulls and ducks when they're incredibly hungry. When the bread wasn't enough to satiate the pelican, it could've seen the easy opportunities right in front of their eyes.

Farcry 6 feed pelicans? (2024)

Does Far Cry 6 secret ending end the game?

Far Cry 6 follows series tradition in offering a secret ending. This takes place long before the real ending will occur - meaning you can see an alternative outcome to how the story ends.

Can you get the Far Cry 6 secret ending after beating the game?

Technically, you can achieve the secret ending before beating the game, but it could be a bit more satisfying if you wait before the final showdown against Anton Castillo.

What is the hardest mode in Far Cry 6?

  • You can change the difficulty settings of the main story at any time in Far Cry 6. ...
  • You can choose from three options:
  • Story Mode: Enemies are weaker and deal less damage.
  • Action Mode: Enemies are tougher and deal more damage.
  • Guerilla Mode: Enemies hit hard and are more likely to spot you.

What is the best supremo to get?

Exterminador. The first Supremo you get in the game is also one of the most practical: the Exterminador fires a cluster of homing rockets that bombard their targets with high-damage explosions. This is very effective against enemies and vehicles alike.

What is the secret gun in Far Cry 6?

Far Cry 6 Hidden Weapons Location
M16 Special VariantRifle3.2
MG42Light Machine Gun2.0
Into OrbitRocket Launcher8.0
SPAS 12Shotgun2.5
4 more rows
Oct 24, 2021

Can El Tigre be saved?

Can you save the kid in Far Cry 6? That refugee ends up being Far Cry 6's protagonist Dani Rojas. Anton's death was very much a consequence of his own actions and decisions, whereas Diego was nothing but a tool for his father. Unfortunately, there is also nothing players can do to help save Diego from his death.

Which Far Cry 6 ending is canon?

The true ending is the resist ending, the devs confirmed that is the canon ending.

Should I shoot McKay Far Cry 6?

Once you reach the bridge of the ship, you'll find McKay, and he'll offer you a choice: kill him and take your revenge, or let him go and he'll fund the revolution. Luckily (depending on how you look at it), your choice doesn't influence the story.

Is male or female Dani better?

To clarify: The Dani Rojas choice is cosmetic and doesn't affect gameplay or the story. To quote Ubisoft, "both Danis are equal, both are canon"

What happens if you wait for Pagan Min to come back?

If you do wait, Min actually does return, and reveals that he's not such a bad guy after all. He allows you to spread your mother's ashes exactly where she requested, which just so happens to be next to the ashes of her daughter, who you learn is actually Min's child.

Does Pagan Min come back?

Beat the Game in 10 Minutes Ending

Pagan says he will be right back and you should wait there. He will return after an extended wait (approximately 13 minutes).

Is Yara supposed to be Cuba?

Far Cry 6 takes place in 2021 in Yara, a fictional Caribbean island nation inspired by Cuba and ruled by the dictator Antón Castillo (Giancarlo Esposito). A 1967 guerrilla revolution that toppled the presidency of his father led to Yara's isolation from the rest of the world.

Does killing Castillo end Far Cry 6?

Does Far Cry 6 have a bad ending? However, the decision is taken away from Diego as Anton shoots his son through the chest before slitting his own throat. While the morbid ending isn't anything new for Far Cry, it is still impactful and is a tragic ending for Diego.

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